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Serving at the altar for the celebration of Mass is a very special honor and privilege which requires reverence and dedication. Saint Philip Neri Youth Altar Servers consist of children who are in the entering 4th grade through high school.

Each spring the parish children in entering 4th grade through high school are eligible to begin training as Altar Servers. They will be notified when it is time for the opportunity to serve.


Contact:  Pete Frank


St. Philip Neri Parish Adult Altar Servers serve Mass on Sundays, Funerals, and Holy Days throughout the year. The Adult Altar Servers assist our Pastor, visiting Priests, and Deacon during the celebration of the Mass with a willingness and desire to serve at Mass.

Teams are in place to rotate throughout the year on an as needed basis to serve at Funeral Masses.  If you would like to become an Adult Altar Server please contact Pete Frank.



The parish Liturgy Committee with approval of the Pastoral Staff has developed the following dress guidelines for anyone who serves as a minister at liturgical functions:

Men: Collared shirt (tie and coat are appropriate), neat dress or casual pants and shoes.

Women: No bare shoulders, no spaghetti straps, no short skirts, no jeans, no tank tops, tasteful sandals

Altar servers: No athletic shoes, no spaghetti straps no shirts with writing, no T-shirts, no flip-flops, no shorts, no jeans

Of course, there are exceptions.  In an emergency, we may be pressed into service at times other than those we are assigned.  At these times, we respond no matter what we are wearing.  However, we should make every effort to be aware of this possibility and dress accordingly whenever possible.