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 The Seder is a joyous parish event. It's ecumenical, inter-faith, and all ages are welcome! It's an ideal lead-in to our Holy Week celebrations. It will also be a prayerful and profoundly spiritual event.

In Judaism, Passover is the time for giving gifts; it is also time for fun, fellowship, music and dancing. In our parish Seder, we’ll capture that spirit. While remaining as true as possible to the Jewish traditions of the Passover Meal, we’ll explore the meaning it has for us Christians. Our Parish Seder Meal will bring to life many of the Psalms that we use regularly in Mass. It will especially give us a deeper understanding of the Catholic Mass: the use of bread and wine, the blessings, the thanksgiving prayers, and more.

The Seder uses several symbolic foods in rituals that teach the story of the first Passover:                  

MATZOS (unleavened bread) 

LAMB BONE (Paschal Sacrifice)

EGG (new life)

MAROR (bitter herbs of slavery)

HAROSET (chopped nuts, apples, raisins like mortar)

KARPAS (green vegetable for the goodness of God)

WINE (four-fold promise God)  

We will also share a simple symbolic seder meal of Matzo soup, matza, egg, and dessert.   Tickets will be available after all masses the weekends of March 11 and 18. In addition, you will receive a Seder Preparation Booklet to enrich your experience of the Seder. There is no charge for this celebration, but we will have a free will offering at the Seder.   Bring the whole family! This is a great way to help children better understand the Mass and our Jewish heritage!