St. Philip Neri Catholic Parish


Co-Leaders: Kelly Wright


Share Your Memories!


  • Do you like to reminisce about the Good Old Days when you were a kid in the Valley?
  • Do you remember your First Holy Communion at St. Philip Neri?
  • Do you have wedding pictures or Confirmation Pictures?
  • Do you want to learn about the history of St. Philip Neri Parish?
  • Come view a slide show outlining our past!
  • Why not share your pictures and memories?


Please stop by and watch the trailer for the documentary of St. Philip Neri Church that will be presented for our 100th Anniversary in 2019! We have so many people in our community who have great memories! Please consider sharing your story with us too! Set up a time to meet with us and share your memories too!




  1. Were you a member of St. Philip Neri Parish since birth?
  2. If not, how long have you been a parishioner?
  3. How long did your parents live in the Valley and when did they first become parishioners?
  4. Did you attend St. Philip Neri School?
  5. What are you earliest memories of the parish?
  6. Who do you first remember as pastor of the parish?
  7. What were some of the activities in the parish?
  8. Do you know any current parishioners who were also early members of the parish/school?
  9. Did you attend school with any current parishioners?
  10. Do you have any old photos from the parish or any of the events in the parish?
  11. Could you share with us what you remember about the parish, the administration, the school staff, etc.
  12. Are there any historical facts you could share with us?
  13. What was the “Valley” like?
  14. What can you tell us about some of the Spiritual events (Mass, Sacraments) and social events in the parish.
  15. Do you know anything about the bingo games with live chickens?


The Historical Committee is looking for articles of historical significance pertaining to St. Philip Neri Church and School, for example: Sacramental documents and religious items from Green Lane Chapel and East Greenville Church. Items from the school might be old yearbooks or pictures.


These items will be displayed in a locked glass case in the Parish Hall and/or the Catholic Family Life Center during the time of our 100th Anniversary in 2019. Items can be loaned temporarily or donated to the church. Contact Kelly Wright above.

 -St. Philip Neri

He who communicates often, as he ought to do, BRINGS FORTH GOOD FRUIT, THE FRUIT OF HUMILITY, the fruit of patience, the fruit of all the virtues.

St. Philip Neri

Historical Committee

Our Meeting Room is now located at Saint Philip Neri Rectory, Pennsburg, in the downstairs Meeting Room.


We, the faithful of Saint Philip Neri Catholic Church, in communion with our Holy Father, shepherd of the universal Church, and our Archbishop, shepherd of the Church in Philadelphia, proclaim to everyone the Good News that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, who offers to all who follow him the light of life.




Saturday Vigil: 4:00 PM* (*Sat. Vigil Mass changed to 4:00 PM on Nov. 28th)

Sunday: 7:30 AM and 10:00 AM

Daily Mass:

Tuesday - Friday at 8:00 AM (First Fridays Mass is at 9 AM)




Rectory Address: 1325 Klinerd Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Life of a Saint:

Learn more about St. Philip Neri

"Saint of a Joyful Heart."

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