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Tallis will be  returning soon!!

Sharing this thought from William A. Bauman, Ministry of Music, William A. Bauman, Evanston , IL:  THe Liturgical Conference, 1979) to remind us of our mission through music.

Ministry is:  "Service rendered out of love, and with a deep respect for the person served, after the model of Jesus. Ministry is never self-seeking; ministry is giving, and it is the kind of giving in which one loves the person one gives to.  To bring joy, to bring relief from pain and sorrow, to end anxiety and fear, to share what enriches--this is ministry.  Ministry is not an attempt to do someone over insome preconcieved pattern.  It uncritically respects the individuality, taste, and life choices of the person served, freeing them to create themselves anew.  It urges, inspires, shares, supports; it never forces"

Keep practicing Dona Nobis Pacem  on your own.

(find the Fausts in the Haverford video